Non Glare Plexiglass, the lightweight, unbreakable alternative to non glare glass. Acrylite FF-P99 from Cyro Industries, the finest quality non glare acrylic glazing available. 1/8" thickness, with over 92% light transmission. Each piece is pre-cut to perfectly fit your frame, and is factory sealed with paper coatings on the front and back - simply peel off the front and back coverings and your plexiglass is ready to go.

This looks just like non glare glass, with no fuzziness or color shift. Almost unbreakable - this will not shatter or smash if your frame falls or is hit. Preferred for any earthquake prone areas or for larger artwork, as the lightness of Plexiglass reduces the weight of larger frames. Anyone submitting their work to galleries should use Plexiglass, as many galleries will not accept any artwork framed with glass.

One side has a non-glare finish, reducing over 98% of glare and reflections. Excellent for framing items that will be hung in an area with glare and high light levels, or for anybody who prefers the soft matte finish of non glare glass.

We recommend Non Glare Plexiglass for any application where the work will be handled or moved about, as well as for any larger sizes of glass, 11" x 14" and up. Works well for replacing the broken glass in old frames, as well as adding glass to your matted prints, and giving both an added amount of protection. We offer many unusual sizes, for framing business cards, greeting cards and custom bookmarks.

Custom picture frame stores, take note - we offer a low cost, time saving option for acrylic glazing solutions for any standard size and ready made frames, offering a value-added option for increased protection of valuable client work.