Conservation Grade UV Protection

Leading authorities on preservation recommend using glazing that blocks at least 97% UV light.* Tru Vue conservation grade glazing products surpass
this standard in providing up to 99% UV protection, the maximum level of protection available in the industry.


What factors cause damage to art, photographs and other personal keepsakes?

  • Indoor and outdoor UV light rays contribute to irreversible damage. Colors may fade and shift and the materials that make up the piece may become brittle or yellow.
  • UV protection reduces fading and other damage caused by UV light over time.
  • All light, not just UV light can be damaging. Heat, pollution, moisture, the materials that make up the piece, as well as poor quality framing materials, are all contributing factors.


How can you help your customers protect their framed pieces?

  • Help your customers preserve their framed pieces by selecting materials that meet conservation framing standards.
  • Recommend glazing with at least 97% UV protection to reduce the damaging effects of UV light.*
  • Educate your customers on the factors that cause damage.
  • Recommend displaying their framed pieces in a well controlled lighting environment.