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Framer's Training Institute

Welcome to the Framer's Training Institute of South Florida.  For almost 10 years we ran a full 5 day course one week of every month. Due to the many changing factors in the framing industry, we restructured the school over the last few years. What we do now is get a detailed understanding of what the customer is looking to accomplish, what his or her business model is, etc. Then we structure a custom curriculum that is based on the actual details of the industry that the customer needs to understand to complete the process. There is just simply not a need to attend a 5 day class covering the history of framing or any other topic that isn’t critical to the current business climate.


The most important change in our curriculum is that we now only offer instruction in the use of Computerized Mat Cutters. We do not cover the use of manual mat cutters at all. Please consider this as you make your plans regarding training.


 We currently offer training that ranges from 1 day up to several days which is based on the customer’s individual needs. Please feel free to email for additional details. We look forward to speaking with you further and hopefully learning more about your business. In the meantime, please continue to browse our web site to learn more about our company.



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